About Us

Rotomer is known as the official website for working GTA 5 mods for PS4 gadget. It is released to help people that are tired of visiting pages with no actual download link.
Here, you will be surprised on how fantastic we try to ensure that you obtain all pack for free. We don’t ask for any annoying incentive which are usually donations or cash on some pages.

If you are looking for the right page site for GTA V PS4 downloadable mods, this is actually the only place that guarantees them without problems. You will be able to access our private mirrors for free.
There is no need for entering any game detail before you gain access, since files are prepared using our wonderful downloader.

Basically, this website does not share patches or glitches, rather we find customized options for single player mods, and then make them available for everyone.
Since there is no TOS against this, we will continue to offer this to all interested players.

Before you get so overwhelmed, this will only work smoothly on PlayStation 4. If you insist on trying on other gadgets, you can check and tell us if it worked. Maybe, we will make an adjustment to our article.

On our own, we are trying to get a PS3, so that we can try this on it. When we do, we will write a short review to show if it worked or not.
In the meantime, you can go ahead and try just as we said earlier.

For now, any compatible player should go back to the homepage and get a copy for their device.